Here are some useful links:

CSP – The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Governing body of qualified physiotherapists in the UK. All Physiotherapists at Hands On physiotherapy are affiliated to this body.

OCPPP - The organisation of chartered physiotherapists in a private practice

This is a national professional group representing the interests of self employed Chartered Physiotherapists in Private practice. Physio First is the trading name of OCPPP, and was launched in 1952 to promote the highest standards of clinical practice in physiotherapy

ACPSM - Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in sports medicine

This enables physiotherapist to keep up to date with continued professional development in the field of sports medicine, and keep updated with intersting news in the sports world including the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

HPC - The health professions council

This is the regulatory body for all medical professions in the UK. All Physiotherapists at Hands On physiotherapy are affiliated to this body.

ACPAT - Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy

ACPAT members are fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapists (MCSP’s) who have also trained in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for animals. Rachael Dickinson of Hands On Physiotherapy has achieved both a degree and masters degree in Physiotherapy and Veterinary Physiotherapy.

RVCRoyal Veterinary College

This is where Rachael Dickinson studied for her Masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

R. Dickinson Physiotherapy Ltd. - This is a another website where Rachael Dickinson describes how she uses her masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy to conduct physiotherapy and rehabiliation for animal at a veterinary clinic in Bournemouth.

Hands On Physiotherapy

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